Foundation to Commemorate the Chinese Railroad Workers in Canada

The Foundation to Commemorate the Chinese Railroad Workers in Canada (FCCRWC) is a registered charitable organization. The goals of the foundation include promoting the understanding and awareness of the contribution to Canada by the Chinese Railroad Workers who participated in the construction of the first transcontinental railway (the CPR) that united Canada geographically and politically; promoting the awareness of the government's legislation of unjust Immigration Acts against the Chinese pioneers and their families; establishing scholarships; and sponsoring other Canadian charitable organizations to promote Chinese Canadian History.

Since its beginnings in 1982, some major achievements include:
1989: erected a monument dedicated to the Chinese Railroad Workers
1991: assisted in writing a book for Heritage Series of an early Chinese
         pioneer who laboured on the CPR, and how the head tax and
         Exclusion Act affected his family. Sponsored by the Ontario
         government for Grade 4 students.
1992 to present: established scholarships to post-graduate students to
         study Canadian history at Canadian universities.
1992: sponsored Asia and Vancouver tours for "Iron Road" opera for
         Tapestry New Opera Works.
1997: sponsored "Canadian Steel, Chinese Grit" documentary on Chinese
         Canadian History for public education through schools and libraries.
2006: worked with the Ontario Coalition of Head Tax Payers and Families
         for redress from the Canadian government.
2007: sponsored Chinese Canadian Historical Exhibition and Documentary
         "From Gold Mountain to Mainstream", which features Prime Minister
         addressing in the House of Commons on redress, and highlights
         the contributions from Chinese Canadians in building Canada.
2009: sponsored premier of the film IRON ROAD, raising awareness of the
         role of the Chinese Railroad Workers in the 1880s.