Project Managers
Francie Maroosis, Assistant Coordinator, Cooperative Education,
Oakwood Collegiate Institute
Lynne Teather, representing the MHSO

Lynne Teather

Oakwood Faculty
Mr. Frank Bitonti, Ms. Julie Martin, Mr. Darrell Glen, Ms. Kathy Gilbert

Exhibition Design + Consultant
Amy Satterthwaite
SOS logo concept
Aidan Cowling

90 Interviewees from the greater Oakwood community

Special thanks to the over 110 students whose interviews, photos and poetry make up this exhibition on Toronto community.

Our thanks to the Toronto Community Foundation for their support for this project. Special thanks to Carl Thorpe, Executive Director of the MHSO; Tony Kerins, Principal of Oakwood; to Elizabeth McLuhan (MHSO Curator) who began the project with Ms. Maroosis; and to all of those who have helped bring the exhibition to reality.


The Multicultural History Society of Ontario
Winston Loui, Co-ordinator of Information and Technology
Jaime Soo See, Web Designer