where is community?
what's going on in the community?

"Not much"


"There is a tendency to divide between rich and poor."

"People need to be more involved in their communities."

" It has become more middle class, more yuppie oriented, marked by Ďtrendification,í and more multicultural."

"Ontario communities have changed a lot in the last thirty years. Canada has become even more multicultural, even more multiracial, and even more diverse. The key is our shift to a knowledge economy. Education is central to it and so is government policy to education. We canít close ourselves off from globalization, but we canít lose our sense of community."

"Youth culture is more consumer-oriented. But the growing concern for global issues that involves youths around the world is encouraging."

"Family breakdown; life has become very hectic."

"Cutbacks in welfare, health care and especially to adult education, where numbers of schools providing adult education have been cut in half. "


"Youth Outreach"

"Safer parks"

"Place to Go"

People in the community:

"Recycling and Garbage Awareness."

"Drugs, teenage pregnancy; education is central."

"More money from government, More (affordable) housing. New governments."

"More funding from government to fix the roads."


"Food, shelter, jobs."

"Elder Abuse."

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