Students chose to interview their friends, family, role models and civic leaders. They came from the Oakwood/Dovercourt community, other Toronto neighbourhoods, other parts of Canada (including Saskatchewan and Kirkland Lake) and other parts of the world (Uganda, El Salvador, Portugal, Vietnam, the United States, The Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Bulgaria). There was a mix of people, ranging from ancestors who came to Canada over a hundred years ago, early or later in the twentieth century, to those who themselves are immigrants. The interviewees represent a range of ethnicities, religions, races, genders, professions, ages and abilities.

what is community? what is your community?

Although our starting point was the Oakwood neighbourhood, it soon became clear that students’ sense of community spilled out into other parts of Toronto, and included relatives, friends and people from a range of Toronto locations - reflecting the extraordinarily complex relationships that construct our sense of community.

The Meaning of Community:
"People that are open-minded that accept and share with each other, forgetting stereotypes and prejudices. It is a place where people get involved, come to accept and know one another, while participating in helping and trying to find problems." - Interviewee
The interviewees’ relationships to the Oakwood students break down as follows:
  • Community Leaders/Politicians/Friends: 28

  • Family: 20

  • Teachers: 14 (6 from Oakwood)

  • Jobs They Have Had in Their Lives or at Present:
    Taught Women’s Studies courses
    Ran Lemon-aid Stand
    Education Consultant
    Day Care Worker
    Legal Clerk
    Special Education Teacher
    Computer Programmer
    Factory Worker
    Cashier, Teller, Clerk, Accountant
    Restaurant Owner
    Baby Sitter
    Doctor Community Medical Clinic
    Worker with Workplace Safety
        Insurance Board
    University Student
    Worker with Metro Labour
        Education Centre
    Hospital Researcher
    Education- Primary, High School, Special Education and Alternative