who is community?
"Get involved in community because itís one of the most rewarding experiences youíll ever have."

"Donít get caught up in commercialism."

"Stay in school."

"When you are looking for a career, it should be enjoyable, fulfilling, and rewarding over anything else. This is even more important than salary."

"Do your best and never underestimate what you can accomplish."

"Donít give up, you can make a difference."

"Get involved."

"When young people feel like they belong to a community, it can make life less lonely and difficult. It can mean sharing the triumphs as well as the difficulties."

"Plan ahead."

"Respect your elders, teachers and parents."

"Kids today need to recognize that weíre always stronger as a community, never as individuals. We need to work together and help each other out. Only then will a good society be formed."

Who are the main contributors to community?

"People! Without them the community would not have prospered as much as it has."

"People whose sense of responsibility leads them to volunteer, although not yet in enough numbers.

"Teachers. Taught her to speak a new language and to feel at home in a new country. Were strong role models."

"Even ordinary people can contribute to their communities. And one person can be a part of many different communities."
A student responds:
"Itís very important for people to have a voice in politics. If more citizens felt the need to make an impact, our community would be a better place to live."
Contributions to community:
Those interviewed - even though many had full-time jobs - had extensive records of involvement as volunteers in a broad range of organizations.

Worked for Anti-war groups
Volunteered on daycare and community centre boards
Volunteers for political campaigns
Founding member of Advisory Council of Community Centre
Community advocate on tax, zoning, development and policing
Ran for city politics, fought the creation of the Megacity
Coaching sports
Tutoring kids
Organizing parents around education issues
Chair of the local community group raising money for Ebola
Volunteer in two prisons
Volunteer drop-in centres
Union activities
Revitalization of St. Clair Avenue West and Amphitheatre project

Fundraising for a local elementary school for new Playground
Helps out at Toronto Rape Crisis Centre
Volunteers with Latin American Womenís Program
Volunteer at Womenís Hands
Fundraising for less fortunate children in Canada and overseas
Literacy programs for youth
Volunteer at Earlís Court Community Centre
Volunteer to help the homeless
Committee for the Toronto Historical Society
Volunteer at TVOntario
Volunteer at the York Region Abuse Program
Volunteer at the Out of the Cold Program
Circle of Friends, a school based group that works with families wiht children with disabilities