"A true Canadian is someone who is compassionate,
understanding and willing to share with others. Who will be tolerant and
decent, kind and appreciate beauty (thoughts, surroundings) and to seek the

"Iím not an American!" "A Lot of Little Things can Add Up to Something Great."

"We are allowed to pursue and choose whatever we want to do. Opportunities are available if we want them. We are an educated country; therefore social issues can be solved."
"Canada is the only country where to be a patriotic citizen means to be unpatriotic."
"Appreciate the diversity of culture in Canada. Being able to walk freely from one culture to another is astonishing." "Being Canadian means having the privilege to enjoy the people and opportunities Canada gives to people such as welfare, jobs, schools, etc. that many countries do not have."

"The biggest issue I see for Canadians is national unity. It means that I can live and work in a country which allows me to use my potential as an individual, to its fullest, but if, for whatever reason, I cannot make it there will be a support system there at my back."
"For me, being a Canadian means Freedom and Democracy."

"Being a Canadian means having an opportunity to live in a country that values human life, and where citizens are willing to fight racism and sexism and support a social safety net and equity for everyone."
"A real Canadian is one who respects all the people of different cultures."