Credits and Acknowledgments

Chinese Canadian Women, 1923-1967: Inspiration - Innovation - Ingenuity was produced by the Multicultural History Society of Ontario (MHSO), with the generous support of the Government of Canada (Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Community Historical Recognition Program). The MHSO is a not-for-profit educational institution that manages archival resources and operates an oral history centre. For more information about the MHSO's activities, please visit:

Project Team:

Curator/Manager: Britt Braaten and Jennifer Harrington

Research Co-ordinator: Julia Lum

Project Assistant: Emily Beliveau

Local Researchers: Priscilla Chen (陳怡君), Trudy Fong, Kim Fung, Barbara Legault, Bethany Or and Robert Parungao

Transcription: Melinda Richter

Translation: Juliana Gaubert, Grace Hsue and Josiane Ip

Digitization: Renee Jackson, Andrew Lam and Oliver Mao

Programming: Winston Loui and Jaime Soo See

Design: Joseph Ceneda (Cenhouse Design) and Emma Allain

Illustration: Paul Best and Allister Lee

Archivist: Pasang Thackchhoe

Interview Participants:

The MHSO would like to acknowledge the following individuals who contributed their life stories, photographs, and valuable time to the making of Chinese Canadian Women, 1923-1967: Shirley Chan, Susan Chew, May Chiu (趙), Lily Chow (周蔡小珊), Wayson Choy (崔維新), Drs. Madeline and Wallace Chung, Paul Do Foo, Dow Fong, Lillian Hong Leonard, Doug Hum (譚榮德), Bernice Hune (許佩姬), Victoria King, Albert Lee, Janet Lee, Loretta Lee, Brenda Joy Lem (林小鶯), Keith Lock (駱奇光), Ruth Lor Malloy (馬來羅玉蘭), Alice Louie-Byne, Raymond Lum (林錦文), Jan Mah, Valerie Mah (馬羅榴仙), Mary Mohammed, Vera Pon (黃春桃), Emma Quon, Holly Siu (蕭雷慕娟), Peggy Soon, Poy Tong (鄧顯培), Father Thomas Tou (杜寶田), Anita Wong (黃周萃瑜), Claire Wong (王豔棠), Germaine Wong (黃迎珠), Larry Wong, Joanne Woo (林玉蓮), Alice Yeh (葉朱玉蓮), Judi Michelle Young (楊翠賢).

Project Advisors:

The MHSO would like to thank the scholars, community members, and organizations that generously shared their expertise during the creation of this website.

Content Advisors: Elizabeth McLuhan, Dora Nipp, Elizabeth Price and Carl Thorpe.

Historical Advisors: Professor Anthony Chan and Professor Lisa Rose Mar.

Community and Oral History Advisors: Arlene Chan; Rosa Cheng and the Vancouver Cantonese Opera Society; Elise Chenier; Stephen and Gail Chung; Victoria Dickenson; Steven High and the Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling (Concordia University); Elizabeth Johnson; Imogene Lim and the Chinese Canadian Historical Society of British Columbia; Florence Li; Mei Ling Chen; Rebecca Tam; Gwen Lowe; Starlet Lum; Gary Yee; The Chinese Canadian Military Museum; The Hong Kong Film Archive.

Education and Youth Advisors: Anna Carter, Josh Henry, Erin Johnson, Hilary Masemann, Kasia Niewiadomski; Leqin Lu, Yeow Tong Chia and the Chinese Canadian National Council’s (Toronto Chapter) youth education program participants; Jessikah Amoako, Bashiyr Douglas, Lisa Eliesen, Mathew Godard, Riham Sitotaw and Owen Shortt.

Media Advisors: Brad Lee and Saira Peesker.


The MHSO would like to recognize the following group of committed and energetic volunteers who have impressed us with their enthusiasm and commitment to the project: Jeffrey Altman, Carolyn Braunlich, Madeline Cheng, Diana Dicklich, Rafia Soomro, Jillian Forsyth, Matthew Foster, Heng Ge, Patrick Herman, Matthew Howe, Aaron Jacobs, Lisa Kadey, Kelly Lau, Irene Lum, Oliver Mao, Jeremy Wong and Cassandra Zita.


This project was made possible through funding from the Government of Canada (Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Community Historical Recognition Program).

In addition, the MHSO would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their valuable contributions to this project: Cassidy Bankson and the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21; Jonathan Bengtson and the John M. Kelly Library; Pal Di Iulio and the Columbus Centre/Villa Charities; Robert Jim and the Sien Lok Sockety; the Chinese Canadian National Council, Toronto Chapter; Vincent Luk and Hitoshi Murakami, Hello Foto; Stuart Laurie and Computer & Technology Rentals; Winnie Zhang, Leo Chan, Willow Springs Winery and the Cambridge Food and Wine Society; The Foundation to Commemorate Chinese Railroad Workers in Canada; Serve! Canada; Sonic Print.