The Global Gathering Place is an interactive site that let's you explore the story of our diversity in Canada. This site is a joint initiative of the Multicultural History Society of Ontario (MHSO) and the Centre for Instructional Technology Development (CITD) at the University of Toronto at Scarborough. The Multicultural History Society of Ontario has a quarter century of experience with communities, educators and academics in the collection of photographs, oral interviews and personal and community records. The Society has held dozens of conferences and workshops and published numerous works in the study of immigration, ethnicity and diversity in Canada. With this site the CITD is creatively helping us to tell the story of Canada's peoples.

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In these pages you will find thematic sections written about immigration and ethnicity that confront issues such as human rights, racism, the migration process, community and neighbourhood life, labour and work and Canadian citizenship and global linkages.

Along with these themes that offer perspectives on our shared experiences there are sections about the specific experiences of ethnic communities and special exhibits about , for example, Chinese women, African Canadian history, refugees and (coming soon) gardens and our ethnocultural approaches to the environment.

Furthermore, it is written with an eye to the needs of the educator who must fulfill curriculum expectations in the social sciences and humanities, computer science and, of course Canadian and World Studies. Our site is an ongoing endeavour to make immigration history central to ur understanding of Canadian history. We will constantly be adding sections and activities for you to use in the classroom. We encourage you to respond to our pages through our interactive activities or by e-mail..

If you are new to this site, please visit the section on How to Use this Site first. If you have visited us before, please check the What's new section for recent additions and events related to the project.