Family Oral History: A How-to Guide

Interviewing family members or respected elders can increase your appreciation of the past and give your narrators the opportunity to reflect on important life events. Follow this step-by-step oral history guide to learn how to conduct oral history interviews with family and friends.

Download the Family Oral History Guide

Chinese Canadian Women Flickr Group

The majority of photographs featured on this website were generously contributed by families. Photographs and family albums serve as memory aids, provide evidence about a time and place, and can tell us about how Chinese Canadians viewed themselves and their surroundings. Visit our Flickr group to view, tag, share and discuss images documenting the history of Chinese Canadian women.

Oral History Video Project

Although the MHSO used audio interviews for this website, oral history interviews can also be recorded on video, which conveys a narrator’s facial expressions and body language in addition to their words and tone. Visit our Youtube page to view short interview clips posted by others regarding their family history and traditions, then join in and post your own video.

Community Bibliography

The MHSO consulted hundreds of resources during the process of creating Chinese Canadian Women, 1923-1967. View and contribute to our collaborative public bibliography.