Community Life

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Part of the exibition " But Women did Come:150 Years of Chinese Women in North America

In the 1920s and 1930s, as the number of families increased so did the community intrests and involvement. Chinese school picnics at local pars gave people an opportunity to get together. For many, the church played a major role n every day life. Social ad political interests also factored into their lives.
Chinese United Church, Victoria, B.C., 1935. (Courtesy Susie Nipp Collection)
Chinese Public School picnic, Elk Lake, Vancouver, B.C., 1935. (courtesy Mabel and Fred Yee collection)
Victoria day parade, Victoria, B.C., no date. (coutesy Susie Nipp collection)
The Chinese community welcomes King George VI, Victoria, B.C., 1939. (courtesy Susie Nipp collection)
no date. (courtesy P.M. Lee collection)
New World, New Changes
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Community Life
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