The Society puts the story back into history through scholarly and popular volumes and manuals on immigration studies, ethnocommunity group life, oral history and local history. Please click here for a complete publications list or select from the following options to learn more about specific types of publications:

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Whether dedicated to the peoples of a single Ontario city, or themes like drama and sports, the Society's journal, Polyphony, reflects the new multicultural learning made possible by more representative archival and library collections. In over 100 pages of analysis, oral testimony, documentation and photographs, Polyphony offers easy access to major issues and little known facts about Ontario's many peoples.

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In the fall of 1979, the Society sponsored Finn Forum ’79, one the largest international conferences ever convened about a single ethnic group. In the fall of 1980, a conference entitled Poles in North America drew participants from all over the world and included the first visit to Canada of Czeslaw Milosz, the Nobel Laureate.

A flow of volumes such as Little Italies in North America (1981), The Finnish Diaspora (2 volumes, 1981), The Quebec and Acadian Diaspora (1982), The Polish Presence in Canada and America (1983), Dutch Immigration to North America (1983) and Looking into My Sister's Eyes: An Exploration in Women's History (1986) grew out of our conferences and demonstrated that community participation and serious scholarship go hand in hand.

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Our Ethnocultural Voices series was set up to provide a vehicle through which immigrants and their descendants could tell stories of their experiences, aspirations and achievements in their own voices. The writers are committed Canadians from all walks of life. Read their stories-it may also be yours.

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Since 1983, our Ethnic and Immigration History series gives full recognition to the historical contributions that different ethnocommunity groups have made to our country's development. These scholarly works and in-depth accounts have had deserved impact on mainstream Canadian historiography.

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Published in 1999, the Encyclopedia of Canada’s Peoples offers the most complete record of Canada’s rich multicultural history. Group entries range from Aboriginals to Ukrainians, Hyderabadis to Vietnamese. Several thematic essays explore a number of issues including immigration policy, multiculturalism, Canadian culture and identity.

This landmark publication of the Society was selected by the University of Toronto Press as one of the 100 most influential publications it has produced during its century of publications.

The Encyclopedia is now online! Access the searchable version through the Multicultural Canada website.

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