In March, 1999, the long-awaited Encyclopedia of Canada’s Peoples was published by the University of Toronto Press. This book documents and records the experiences of all of the different ethnocultural groups that have made Canada their home. The 1340-page publication is the most complete record of Canada’s rich multicultural history. The Encyclopedia of Canada’s Peoples helps to provide a greater appreciation and understanding of all the diverse threads that make up the fabric of our nation.

To our Ethnocultural Voices series, the Society added An Italian Region in Canada: The Case of Friuli-Venezia Giulia volume was published with the assistance of organizations in Udine and Trieste (Italy). Centro Scuola e Cultura Italiana (Toronto) also provided financial assistance for the publication.

During the year two copies of the Society’s newsletter "Yesterday and Today" kept supporters informed about the activities at the Centre and plans for the future.

A Select List of Publications

An Encyclopedia of Canada’s Peoples

Gathering Place: Peoples and Neighbourhoods of Toronto, 1834-1945, ed. by Robert F. Harney

DP Lithuanian: Immigration to Canada after the Second World War, by Milda Danys

For Bread and a Better Future, Emigration from Poland by Anne Reczynska

Ethnocultural Voices

The Finnish Baker’s Daughters, by Aili Grönlund Schneider

The Memoirs of Giovanni Veltri, ed. by John Potestio

An Italian Region in Canada, ed. by Konrad Eisenbichler

An Ordinary Woman in Extraordinary Times, by Ibolya Grossman

Safe Haven: The Refuge Experience of Five Families, ed. by Elizabeth McLuhan

Conference Proceedings

The Italian Immigrant Woman in North America, ed. by Betty Boyd Caroli, Robert F. Harney and Lydio F. Tomasi

Little Italies in North America, ed. by Robert F. Harney and J. Vincenza Scarpaci

The Finnish Diaspora, ed. by Michael Karni, 2 vols.

The Quebec and Acadian Diaspora in North America, ed. by Raymond Breton and Pierre Savard

Portuguese Migration in Global Perspective, ed. by David Higgs

Dutch Immigration to North America, ed. by Herman Ganzevoort and Mark Boekelman

Looking into My Sister’s Eyes: an Exploration in Women’s History, ed. by Jean Burnet

The South Asian Diaspora in Canada: Six Essays, ed. by Milton Israel

Migration and the Transformation of Cultures, ed. by Jean Burnet et al


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