Exhibitions and Lectures

Beginning in February, Black History Month, the Society presented its widely-travelled exhibition "Many Rivers to Cross" to students and staff from Vaughn Road Academy, York Collegiate Institute, Jarvis Collegiate and Jesse Ketchum Public School among others. The exhibition closed on April 20th.

In June a remarkable collection of highly acclaimed prints and photographs were on display in The William Dunphy Gallery. The photographs and prints were the product of the Chinese Canadian Photographic Society’s second International Salon of Photography.

In February, "The (Re)Making of Them=Us" exhibition curated and produced by the Society in conjunction with the Harmony Movement opened at the Heritage Gallery of Canada’s Peoples in the Royal Ontario Museum.

The education officer gave talks, slide shows, and seminars to elementary and high school students, university undergraduates, visiting scholars and museum professionals. Notable among these was the very well received presentation to the Society of Anthropologists of the U.S. Community Colleges on the early ethnic history of Toronto and the uses of oral testimony.

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