Welcome to Family Stories, Treasured Memories

Family Stories, Treasured Memories is a fun and participatory curriculum-linked heritage sharing school program for grade 5-8 students that explores settlement experiences in Toronto. Developed in 2006-2007 with the unwavering support of several dedicated teachers, Family Stories is a flexible program that uses unique historical photographs and rare oral histories from the Multicultural History Society of Ontario's collection to interest and engage young people in history.

Now through this website you can do the program in your own classroom!

This website contains a detailed program description, oral histories, historical photographs, handouts, evaluation rubrics, and many other resources you will need to get started. Please select from the menu below to continue.

Digital Content

We wish to extend a special thanks to the talented and dedicated teachers who welcomed us into their classes and donated much of their time to help bring our vision to life:

Rachel Atlas
Francis Da Silva
Elizabeth Hemmerick
Stanley Hallman-Chong
Melanie Kelch

Nicole Lee
Giuseppina Lombardi
Aubrey Spring
Burns Wattie

Thanks to Beth Keleme at the Royal Ontario Museum and Heather McLellan at the Ontario Workers Arts and Heritage Centre for their research assistance.

Family Stories, Treasured Memories was made possible through the generous support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation.